The Hinton Magazine Awards 2020

2020 Full List of award winners:

Fashion brand of the year: Dana Asady

Bespoke Tailor of the year: Joshua Kane

Start up Fashion brand of the year: Trident Fitness Clothing

Stylish Man of the year: Oliver Proudlock

Stylish Women of the year: Chloe Lloyd

Influencer of the year: Adam York

Bar of the Year: Map Maison

Restaurant of the year: Kitchen At Holmes

Hinton's Health Award: Raise LDN

Wellness centre of the year: London Cryo

Special Recognition award: Bradley Theodore

Winners Speeches

Wellness Centre of the year

Winner: London Cryo

Hinton's Health Award

Winner: Raise LDN

Bar Of The Year

Winner: Map Maison

Restaurant Of The Year

Winner: Kitchen At Holmes

Stylish Woman Of The Year

Winner: Chloe Lloyd

Stylish Man Of The Year

Winner: Oliver Proudlock

Start Up Brand Of The Year

Winner: Trident Fitness

Bespoke Tailor Of The Year

Winner: Joshua Kane

Fashion Brand Of The Year

Winner: Dana Asady

Influencer Of The Year

Winner: Adam York

Special Recognition Award

Winner: Bradley Theodore


The Sponsors

HINTON Magazine is proud to introduce you to our 2020 Award Sponsors;

Light Changes Coaching: 

As the founder of Light Changes Coaching, Be Free, Be Fun, Be Fearless Expert Dr Rana Al-Falaki helps  Professionals, Leaders & Business Owners Exude Passion and Instil It In Others, Turning ‘Wanting More’ into ‘Having and Being More.’ 

As a leader in her field for over 20 years, a multi-award winning business owner, an international speaker and trainer, a researcher, and  #1  international best-selling author of Women Who Want More and How Big Can You Dream, and writer on empowerment, being happy, stress management and work-life balance , she has a wealth of life and professional experience to help you on your quest for ultimate success in every aspect of your life and business.  

Work with her is a combination of both challenge and fun to get you to excel and be well.  Mental, emotional, physical, financial, social, professional and spiritual health are the essential components to allow us to function, engage, feel driven and even surprise ourselves.  That is where she aims to get her clients.  She works with professionals, leaders and business owners who are successful, but still want more and know it has to be there, no matter how elusive it may seem.  Together we create the intangible into a tangible experience to be lived, treasured and owned.  To arrange a dynamic coaching experience contact her directly

Dr Rana says,' I am delighted to be sponsoring the Hinton Magazine Awards.  Achievement is something to be honoured and rewarded, and even in these challenging times, it is so important that we keep driving energy towards innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.  We only have one life, and it is our choice what we make of it. Now is a time for celebration as much as growth and reflection, which is something that Hinton Magazine does not want to postpone and have been determined to ensure nothing gets in their way of helping, inspiring and empowering others.  A mission close to my own heart!

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Book: Stabbed in the back

I am honoured for my book to be chosen to become the official sponsor of the prestigious UK HINTON Awards 2020| Hinton Magazine! 


This is an opportunity for many Hinton readers (mainly women of child bearing age) to learn about the devastating condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis.


My book May be short but very ambitious with one goal to educate people and make the “Epidural” word synonymous with Arachnoiditis, in a similar way how the sugar is being associated with diabetes!

I hope my book will inspire medical community to do more research and Eventually find the cure for Arachnoiditis.

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