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10 Must have sneakers right now

Every fashion man about town should own at least one pair of designer sneakers; despite the cost, they have a long life and finish off that outfit with style. For this latest post on your favourite fashion magazine I take a look at my 10 favourites this season!

With summer fast approaching, it will soon be time to upgrade that winter wardrobe in favour of something inspirational for that (hopefully!) upcoming heatwave. Leave those heavy boots and shoes at the door and rock a pair of designer sneakers instead. I will be hunting far and wide across the net to hand pick the top 10 men’s designer sneakers on the market right now! Read on to find out which goodies made the final cut.

Common Projects Achilles Low Top Sneakers

Ah, the classic Common Projects Achilles Sneakers, these bad boys have been

around for well over a decade and still standing strong; one could even almost credit the brand for the rise of the premium white sneakers trend! If this is true, it would be easy to see why - bathed in high-quality leather, typically in a solid colour (although the white shown here is their bread and butter) and with extremely high production quality, if you are on the lookout for that timeless shoe for summer, then look no further! Buy Now

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Golden Goose are one of my favourite footwear brands, hailing from Italy, featuring a comfort level unheard of amongst their designer footwear cohorts (some premium brands seem to enjoy causing grief to the feet when worn!). The most obvious and stand out feature is the hand-distressed look on each pair, always unique and distinctly different from one another, be it with dirt and grim or sometimes a touch of graffiti too! The added advantage of wearing Goose is you don’t have to worry too much about scuffs and bumps, without fear of damaging your shoes. Buy Now

Tom Ford Cambridge Sneakers

Tom Ford is one of the highest price point sneakers in this roundup; it is easy to see why, their design is phenomenal, but it is down to the fine details and level of quality that sets them apart from the competition. Featuring a beautifully soft nubuck leather in a stunning beige and white colourway - if money is no object in your hunt for the perfect premium summer sneaker, then be ready to reach for your credit card and do the necessary! Buy Now

Christian Louboutin Louis Spiked Sneakers

If you are looking for something with a bit of razzmatazz, then a pair of Christian Louboutin high tops might be what the doctor ordered! The Louboutin name along the side of each shoe is what draws you to the piece initially, followed by the spiky toe-cap (quite the calling card on his shoes of late) and finally the coat of silver - definitely one for the more confident of guys out there. Buy Now

Raf Simons Cylon 21

If you are looking for something a little more sporty for the hotter weather, Raf

Simons has you covered - taking the traditional sports sneaker style (lower and

longer with a pointed toe) and covering it in different shapes, including a trio of pink bubbles - the look almost has a throwback to the 90s in vibe, but if anything that adds to the appeal. Buy Now

Maison Margiela Replica Yellow

If you are looking to add that sunshine vibe to your feet, then why not go all the way with a pair of striking all golden yellow replica sneakers from Maison Margiela - the design is a classic (albeit taken from the original Adidas Trainer Sneaker) and will suit any outfit, particularly anything for the hotter seasons in this colourway. The shoes feature a tonal panelling mix of both calfskin leather and premium suede. Buy Now

Gucci Ace Sneakers

The Gucci Ace Sneakers have been on the market for a few years now, yet their

timeless design defies seasons and is in vogue year in and year out. With a base coat of white leather, topped off with the opposite colour red and green on the heel tabs. Each shoe's outer side features dark red and green stripes with the fabric emblem attached (the original famously featured a bee), which is a semi-upside down tiger. The Ace are always a hit during the summer, and the latest design from the Italian powerhouse is no exception. Buy Now

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

Another fan favourite up next, the oversized sneakers from McQueen, like the Ace from Gucci; these have been doing the rounds for a few years now, and their popularity shows no signs of abating any time soon! There is something quite special about them, even with the oversized look. For the summer, I would recommend the classic white with one of the stand out heel tab colours; I picked out the red due to its warm hue, matching up well with the (hopefully!) heatwave we will receive this year. Buy Now

Lanvin Bumpr Sneakers

Often a brand that scoots under the radar, I feel they have excelled themselves with this pair of sneakers—offering a superior sleek design, particularly from the side. The body is constructed from a soft white nylon fabric which is in contrast to the suede trim. The laces and sole have a beautifully discoloured brown tone, which only adds to their beauty, one which is highly suitable for those beach days. Buy Now

Saint Laurent Canvas Malibu Sneakers

It wouldn’t feel right to not include at least one canvas shoe, and thanks to Saint Laurent, my task has been made easy thanks to their low-top version currently on the market. The sneakers are entirely black (laces included) except the solid white chunky sole, featuring the brand's name in what almost looks like written by hand. These types of shoes are made for the warmer seasons, with many rocking the both around town and even down on the sand. Buy Now


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