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15 Thoughtful Gifts for Amazing Dads

Kikkerland Chemistry Flask, £9.99 from Amazon

Cleverly disguised as a fascinating book on the chemistry of liquor, this case from Kikkerland opens to reveal a sleek stainless steel hip flask. Engraved with an alcohol chemical structure, the flask has a brushed finish and a screw on captive top.

Kikkerland Oil Jug Tool Kit, £19.81 from Amazon

Always on the go mending things and never having your tools on you? Well we have the perfect solution for you with the Oil Jug Tool Kit from Kikkerland. It's fun as well as being super practical! This is a perfect gift for anybody who likes to think of themselves as Bob the Builder!

Alexander Solid Cologne, £19.99 from Solid Cologne

The Perfect addition to your grooming routine. Made with natural ingredients and oils. This skin moisturizing cologne includes beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Alexander solid cologne allows you to travel and apply at will. You are able to smell good and keep fresh as well as keep your skin hydrated, soft and protected, all from the convenience from a small sliding tin.

Simply rub or scrape small amount of cologne and apply directly on to pulse points (hands, wrists and neck).

Kikkerland Gentleman's Beard Tin, £7.14 from Amazon

Keep those good looks going anytime, anywhere - with Gentleman’s Beard Tin. You’re on the go, whether it’s work or play and Gentleman’s Beard Tin has all you need to keep you looking dapper 24/7. With its stainless steel trimming scissors, 10 ml of beard oil, and double-sided pear wood comb, you’ll have all you need for grooming in a reusable tin.

Kikkerland Galileo thermometer, £25 from Jarrold

Wonder at the beauty of science, colourful globes rise and fall according to the temperature. Metal tags tell both Celsius & Fahrenheit, Glass globe rests securely on handsome wood base, Balls rise or fall according to the current temperature, Dimensions: 100mm x 80mm diameter, Beechwood base, glass, steel, oil, alcohol.

Kikkerland Old And Wise Pen Set, £7.99 from Stanfords

The Old & Wise Pens Set by Kikkerland comprising of 2 black ink biros. The set features two different types of classic walking stick designs, complete with wooden handle contrasts and silver decorative collar. Made of plastic and metal.

Taskmaster The Board Game, £19.99 from Smyths

Based on the BAFTA winning Channel 4 TV show hosted by the mountainous Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne, Taskmaster the Board Game brings the very essence of this popular show to the comfort of your own home.Compete with your friends and family in a series of ludicrous tasks to be crowned Taskmaster Champion. Judge or be judged. It's time to summon your inner Taskmaster!

Kikkerland Bird Multi Tool, £9.40 from Amazon

This helpful bird's beak is a stainless steel phillips head screwdriver, her plumage is durable beachwood, and her 3mm and 2mm allen key feet and 6mm, 5mm, and 4mm tail-feathers are always at your service.

Kikkerland Desktop Table Tennis, £10 from Kikkerland

Are You Bored? Forget the teddy bear and get your pocket table tennis. The set includes two bats, a ball and a sucker net, where you can put a piece wherever you like.

Kikkerland Invisible Playing Cards, £7.99 from Amazon

A set of playing cards, printed on transparent PVC. Most of the card is see through, only a small part has the design printed on it. The cards are 4 x 2.75 inches, and they are supplied in a smart PVC box. The cards are waterproof, so they are very handy for the beach, or any other humid or damp location.

Kikkerland Table Top Bowling Game, £19.99 from Waterstones

This Kikkerland tabletop bowling game will test your skills and finesse with this compact bowling game. Includes weighed down pins, and bowling balls that have a stainless-steel ball inside.

Kikkerland Table Top Curling Game, £12.99 from Cotswold Trading

Have you always wanted to have the famous curling game in your home but never had the space? Well look no further then Table Top Curling Game from Kikkerland. You can have hours of fun practising your curling skills without taking up loads of room; as all you need is your table top and you're ready to play.

Kikkerland Bike Repair Kit Tin, £20.70 from Trouva

Hey, smooth rider! Toss this handsome Kikkerland Design bike repair kit tin in your backpack whenever you head out on your bike and you'll be prepared for anything. AWESOME.

Kikkerland Sneaker cleaning kit, £12 from Sublime

Keep your kicks looking fresh! Kit includes 1 beechwood handle bristle brush, 1 easy erase sponge, 1 microfiber cloth and 10ml cleaning solution.

Kikkerland Bar Compass, £13.20 from Amazon

The Bar Compass is the must have accessory for any bar cart. Its slim, stainless steel design rotates to reveal 16 different drink recipes right down to the type of glass, method & garnish. Simple to use, attractive to display.