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'Style Is What You Choose' - Llays

'Fashion is what you're offered, style is what you choose' - Thats what owner Llays of clothing brand Yash Clothing Believes. Since releasing his brand in June 2017, Llays already have plans on expanding their range.

Yash Clothing Produces classic clothing whilst at the same time making it luxurious and affordable for its customers. 'A brand they would come back for more'. Yash clothing first range was release on 29/06/2017 with the aim to compete with the big named brands like supreme kenzo and with plans to release their new range in February 2019 it seems that Yash clothing may well be keeping up with its competitors.

With the new range set to be released on February 29th 2018, owner Llays has confirmed that their new range will tend to focus on the Brands classic T-shirts and revamping them, with the aim to introduce clothing lines such as denim jackets and jeans.

After assessing Yash Clothing and speaking to owner Llays about his brand, I feel this could be one up and coming independent brand to look out for. With not limiting there consumers to a particular gender with their first range of Uni-sex T-shirts I feel that they will be very popular in the Male and Female Communities.


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