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TimeLess Classic

For centuries the classic watch has been a popular choice among the world’s most fashionable men and in 2017 this is certainly still the case. Brand new watch designer Jean Vuori which released their first collection earlier this year is continuing the timeless trend of creating luxury watches at a ‘Low cost to the end customer’.

In January Jean Vuori released their first watch collection – the Classic 40 Collection, which intends to offer the ‘Everyday’ man an opportunity to wear a luxury item at a low cost, with the collection costing €199 per watch. Founder and CEO of Jean Vuori Jens Berg said “We believe that a great watch should not be expensive. The whole idea with Jean Vuori is to give our customers the luxury feeling of our watches for a low cost of €199. If you would compare the choices of materials to other brands, the Jean Vuori watch is the way ahead for its selling price to end-customers.”

The brand had been a vison for a very long time. Since the childhood of the founder Jens. From a year back, in the beginning of 2016, Jens took his dream and started to design and develop his watch collection, which then become Jean Vuori.’

The design focuses on detail and the use of great materials. Berg said “We would never make a collection we would not wear ourselves”

With the companies first collection released just less than 7 months ago now, Jean Vuori have confirmed they are working on a new collection as well as some different products for the ‘Modern Gentleman’.

Check out their website now!

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