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Wear It, Own It

When I contacted Owner Amanda of MIN DORIS little did i know the company she has built up over the last over the last 8 years had such a meaning behind it.

MIN DORIS (Which Translate's in English to 'My Doris') is a Swedish based Unisex Jewellery brand which over the last 8 years seen the sales getting higher and higher. After having a little Conversation with 28 Year old Amanda (Owner) she informed me she created her brand when 'Her vocal chords broke' so she had to 'Express her soul and creative side in another way' .

During my Conversation with the brand owner we spoke about many things, one thing that i was intrigued to find out was, what is the focus on her designs and how she keeps up with the ever-fast changing industry that is fashion. Amanda informed me she wanted to create 'Unisex jewellery because she never separated people for people'. She went on to say 'We're all humans right?'. The main focus symbol of the MIN DORIS first collection 'Humans' was the Triangle, which was released in 2016. She said ' The Triangle has three corner which symbolize he, she and they, It doesn't matter who you are'.

We then went on to speak about her latest collection. the 28 Y/O said 'The second collection A FEW re based on the four elements, Air, Fire, Earth and water, But the Powerful triangle is still at the center of the collection.' Amanda went on to say ' I've made my version of these wonderful shapes. She then informed me that the Collection 'Humans' could be making a return with new designs before 2017 is out, but the Next collection won't be out until Spring 2018.

The Companies Mission statement to me reads a lot about the brand owner' Unisex Jewellery made with soul and heart filled with the wonderful energies from the universe'. As a consumer and as a fashion analyst this to me means that there clearly is a reason behind every design, therefore there is more meaning behind each collection. For me it's a brand that put time and effort into what it sells rather than creating mass production is always better in my book.

MIN DORIS completing your outfit.

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