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A Hint of Mexico

'LOOK SHARP, BREATHE EASY', thats what fashion brand Paalmu owners Javier Santos and Martin Gaede believe. Paalmu was Launched June 2017 with the aim to become the No.1 resort wear brand in North America, a huge task they are taking on, so I caught up with Javier and Martin to see how they are going to go about becoming No.1 in the sun.

Paalmu sells 'Well-Fitted' menswear for summer and resort vacations. With One half of the owners being from Mexico they decided to looking more in depth into the heritage of the indigenous Mexican tribes and their language. Whilst doing this Paalmu owners found there were many terms for 'Summery', but settled on Paalmu due to it being a beautiful long beach along the Mayan Riviera. One they come up with the name they then could get started on creating a style for their brand.

We asked the joint owners,' What specific designs do you tend to focus on?', 'We're focusing on mainly shirts, shorts and pants (Trousers).' They then went on to explain,' As a Young brand we believe it is important to put our attention and work into building a small but strong selection to begin with, this way we are able to ensure the hight quality and work down to the finest details.' This includes their special lining, prints as well as embroidery.

We we spoke about potential up coming collections they couldn't say what was coming up as in new collections but they could confirm that they be offering the current collection in more colours.

I wanted to find out the influence behind their branding and one huge focus was to ensure their clothing would ensure breathability. 'Too often men are forced to choose between comfort or style, where as we can offer both'. Drawing back on my own experiences this is generally the case, Since coming across the brand Paalmu I no longer have to choose between Comfort and style, I get a 2 in 1, with 'A Hint Of Mexico'


Curtis Hinton

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