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Character defining Fashion

I caught up with the Miller Brothers to discuss their new venture, 'FameLess Apparel'. After Listening to what they had to say its clear to see, every style and design is created to show the different types of success. When asked 'What was the influence behind creating the brand' They replied "We Saw a lot of people that were creating and selling the idea of being famous or successful". They then went on to say " We wanted to go against that and create a brand that was a lot more real, because you don't have to be famous or chasing fame to be happy or successful". They believe, " Success can be measured in so many different ways by different people. So we're trying to create a brand that anyone can wear and most importantly that they can bring their own style to.

I have been fortunate to feel and see the quality of the brand and after checking over the clothing and wearing it, not only it it stylish clothing but its very durable. This is really clothing for the every day man and not at a expensive cost.

The AW17 (Autumn Winter 2017) Collection was a simple yet stylish release of 'sweat, hoodies and beanies'. Owners Jonny and William went on to say the SS18 (Spring Summer 2018) Collection will see a new wave of summer wear with the stand out piece being implemented for this current season also.

Later in the conversation I asked the Millers 'What Specific designs do you focus on?' The reply was simple and straight forward 'As we move forward we really try and express what the brand is and what we're trying to do, with it will be a lot more minimalistic with the occasional stand out or statement piece from each season. The concept behind this is that we will provide the fashion for you to create your own style'.

When working closely with brands which are essentially just starting out you can get a sense from the start on how well the brand will sell and how long the brand could last, after speaking to and liaising with brothers Jonny and William Miller its blatantly clear to be that FAMELESS will be around for a long time, the passion the drive behind this brand will only be pushing from strength to strength. They are at the start of their journey but I feel 10 years down the line FAMELESS Could be a store on your High Street.

You can check out their website: WWW.FAMELESSAPPAREL.CO.UK


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