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Since 2016 Harrison Cantel has been working tirelessly to make Evire Apparel the independent brand sensation it is today! With a single idea of wanting to create a brand that people all over the world could relate to, Mr.Cantel could of only hoped his brand would take off and become as popular as it has 17 months down the line.

Evire is 'Everyday Attire' in one word Harrison explained to us, 'We wanted out customers to be able to wear our garments whenever, wherever and still look stylish'. Its clear to see The independent brand is only going from strength to strength with the brand being featured in GQ Magazine in 2017, which for any brand is a huge milestone. Harrison went on to say, ' This sort of milestone makes us even more determined to keep pushing the brand. The movement is growing'.

We wanted to see if we could get any inside knowledge of upcoming collections, all we got back was '#FollowTheMovement and stay tuned, We love a surprise'. Which leads us to believe a new collection is in the works and could be release soon. We then moved on to speak about the designs they focus on, its clear to see that they aim for a simple yet effective feel to their product. Harrison elaborated on this,' Rather than releasing crazy designs, we stick with high quality garments with our simplistic logo on them'.

With a mission of #FollowTheMovement, the only direction I see Evire going is up. Up in sales and up in popularity. I have no doubt that you could be seeing this brand on your high street or in department stores in the near future! The passion the drive is there and now the consumers are coming.

Evire Apparel ... #FollowTheMovement

Instagram: @HarrisonCantel

Curtis Hinton

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