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'I don't feel pressure by records' - An Interview Linus Udofia, on Boxing his way to the

Linus Udofia is one of the rising stars in professional boxing, ahead of his fight on David Hayes, Hayemaker ring star fight night on February 16th, we managed to sit down with Linus to see what he had to say.

Curtis: "Lets go back, go back to little Linus lets say 8 years old, was becoming a professional boxing a dream?"

Linus: "When I was 8 I didn’t even know what boxing was, I was in love with football."

Curtis: "So when did you become

interested in becoming a boxer?"

Linus: "I became interested in boxing when I was 17 through a good friend Grant Walpole. I use to play football with him and he started running boxing classes so I attended a few and then he referred me to Hockwell ring boxing club and the rest was history." Curtis: "Growing up in Luton, What was that like? Was it a town you got a lot of support from when you decided to take up boxing?"

Linus: "Yes and no, yes I was always supported by those that knew me but at the same time I don’t believe I’ve marketed myself enough in my hometown, this reflects when you look at the supporters that come out to support me, 80% are from London 20% are from Luton. This is a percentage that I am working on swapping around." Curtis: "We will speak about your record and upcoming fights in a moment, but talk us through the qualities you need to possess to become a professional sportsman?"

Linus Udofia

Linus: "You need to understand that whatever level you are at, you’re still in the public eye. There’s a time and a place for everything and how you conduct yourself outside of the ring is just as or if not more important than inside of the ring" Curtis: "...And specifically for boxing? Do you think you have these qualities?"

Linus: "I believe I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, this teaches you life lessons everyday" Curtis: "You’ve got a record of 7-0. Not a bad start… Obviously no-one wants to lose, Does building a record like 7-0 put more pressure on you to win?"

Linus: "I don’t feel any pressure by records, I’m not very interested in records or keeping an undefeated record, I just want to fight, grow and hopefully become a world champion"

Curtis: "whats your preparations for your fight?"

Linus: "Hardwork and dedication" Curtis: "would you ever say no to a fight?"

Linus: "If I was risking my life yes, if I had a serious injury going into a fight that may take my life I wouldn’t fight" Curtis: "To any young dreamers out there wanting to emulate what you’ve done and what the great have done, Whats your advise?"

Linus: "I’d say what was always said to me and that is that there are no short cuts you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to this 100% you have to keep pushing because the ones that give up aren’t being talked about." Curtis: " Going back to a day before you took up boxing, would you do it again, would you change anything you did?"

Linus: "Yes earlier like I’d go back to when I was 2 and started then" Curtis: "Whats the goals looking forward?"

Linus: "Hopefully a title shot in the summer" Curtis: "Retirement is a long way off for you, at what stage would you consider retirement? Would it be a significant professional landmark or just when your body can’t do it anymore?"

Linus: "Hopefully if everything goes the way I’ve planned I should be able to retire by 30 having won all there is to win but we’ll see." Curtis: "Linus thank you for your time."

Linus: "Thank you for your time"

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