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It is important to focus on each feature of your appearance


Proper grooming of your appearance is essential today. Your appearance will allow you to gain a positive or negative impression. Additionally, grooming yourself will impact the way you will carry yourself, which in turn, will affect that way you interact with others. Poor grooming often leads to a bad impression, which in turn decreases the chances of a positive feedback.

It is important to focus on each feature of your appearance. Certain aspects of your appearance such as your hair, facial hair and your clothes will be your priority for grooming. However, other factors such as your teeth and even your cologne can affect your appearance. Some helpful tips to consider:


No single hairstyle will work for all individuals, especially since everyone will have a different hair texture and even preference for a style. The best solution here is to opt for a hair style that is not only convenient for you, but also suits your preference. The best hairstyle is the one that requires less maintenance as well as minimum hair products every morning. You can always approach your hairstylist to guide you when making a decision.

Facial Hair

Some guys look better with a beard than others. The reason, it all has to do with your facial shape. Particular face shapes are more conducive to certain facial hair patterns and lengths than others. You need to take into consideration what facial shape you have when deciding on what beard you would like to grow:

1. Perfect Square shape

2. Long and Lean shape

3. Inverted Pyramid shape

4. Flat Circle shape

5. Egg shape

You also need to take into consideration the hairstyle you are wanting to create will suit your beard.


As a part of men’s grooming, you must take efforts to maintain your teeth. If your teeth are stained, you should consider teeth whitening and also a toothpaste to maintain your bright white smile. Don’t forget to smile a lot, it shows a sense of confidence and happiness.

Body hair

Hair protruding from your ears and nose is not a good look! You need to get rid of it. Waxing is a very effective means of removal and keeping these areas under control. Eyebrows can also become unruly and should also be well maintained, removing mono-brow and any other fly-away hairs.


These should always be kept short and clean. A gentleman’s mani and pedi should be performed at least once a month.


Your clothing plays an important role in influencing your appearance. Decide on items that highlight your physique and camouflage those areas less flattering. Colour’s are also important. Choose a colour which not only compliments your skin tone but is also fitting for the occasion you are wearing the outfit to. Patterns, different textures are all a part of creating a more three dimensional look. You should always have your signature pieces which are reference to your personality.

Last but not least. A well groomed attitude goes a long way! A confident and upbeat appearance is more appealing and also makes it easier for others around you to feel more comfortable about themselves.

Have a great day!

Warm regards,

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