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Smile, You're doing okay...

“Hello, is this Mr Hatton?”

“Yes, this is James.”

“I just wanted to check to make sure everything is ok. And that you’re all still good?”

“You’re absolutely correct. I’m all still good and even more so coming up to one-year medication free...”

A brief conversation between myself and my G.P coming up one week ago. But we’ll come back to that

later and its importance.

Well. Welcome to March.

Who’d have thought it. Two days ago, it seemed like Christmas, yesterday it was pretty much January

now spring is here, lets reflect.

The snow came in force via the beast from the east, even though a little late, it was always better late

than never.

It really did bring the whole of the UK pretty much to a standstill.

It provided some with fun, many with laughter, some a little family time, but now it’s back to business as


Last month I talked to you about three UK initiatives taking place across the UK, all of which have now

either successfully been put into swing. Or have successfully come to a close.

One of them being the restaurant chain Wagamama. Their campaign for mindfulness may have come to

a close, (starting in the month of January and finishing at the end of February,) but now being March, we

have some of the results.

Wagamama were extremely pleased to announce that the total raised from the campaign stands at a

whopping, £25,678.50 that’s a lot of cash. With all money raised going directly to help fund MIND’s

helpline, providing vital care and access to those who may need it.

© Wagamama UK

What a simply great start to the year.

In March, we all will often come to a standstill, perhaps at a time or point of reflection.

What type of reflection many seem to ask. Well it’s more often we ask ourselves.

Have we kept to new year’s resolutions?

Have we broken them?

Have we started some new ones?

Or perhaps those who enjoyed pancake day may have even made some new ones for Easter / Lent.

At this time this raised something for me which I want to pass on to you all and why we need to reflect.

Reflect on simply how far you may have come, where you are now, and where in fact you may be going.

During the beginning of March, I received a phone call to discuss just how I was doing. How I was doing

post medication and being medication free. This of course was via my Dr.

And it was during this conversation I realised that just how far I as a person had come.

Upon finishing the kind conversation, I soon realized I’d been medication for a full 10 months. And not

only moved up the job ladder but gained many opportunities that had come my way.

Now I’m not one to say that during the times on medication that nothing would ever come anyone’s way

but more so that, remember that if you are going through a period or a point of problems or thinking that

the journey you’ve taken isn’t worth fulfilling.

Simply remember how far you’ve come.

© Rick

Warren : Google Images

You’ve decided you wish to lose 1

stone. You’re 7 lbs down but

gained 1 lbs a week ago. Should

you stop or feel sorry for

yourself? No. Remember how far

you’ve come since starting. You’re still on track and lost weight none the less.

You’ve decided to not drink coffee and save money throughout the week. You’ve saved, £10. But slipped

and had to buy a drink to help a brief extra few hours at work. Total saving £8. You beat yourself up and

yet remember? You’ve still saved £8 that week. Over a month that’s £36. Keep going!

For those who suffer with Mental Health issues, you’ve taken active action, either via your Dr, been

talking to friends, seeked medical help, or more. But 4 weeks in you feel worthless, or perhaps had a

slight relapse. Remember, this is common and happens to most, we all fall, we all stall, but it’s a

reminder more often than not of how far we’ve come, how far you’re going, and how far and close you’re

yet to becoming. Because without these gentle stumbles or humble reminders, the journey would more

often than not be a little boring.

So embrace them and always remember how much of a fantastic person you all actually are.

Because the old saying goes,

“Never judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes...”

And on reflection having completed that mile? Remember that mile is one step further than the mile you

wouldn’t have completed if you hadn’t even started.

Until next month.

James Hatton BSc

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