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William Lei

'To fill in the gap between fast and high fashion - We are designing products with the fit, fabrication and uniqueness in a designer brand without the inaccessible price tag' this is the mission statement William Lei has set for his brand. The brand named after its founder 'William Lei' was launched in 2018 and what a busy year its been for the new designer. When i sat down the with designer not only did i want to find out about the busy year but also the history behind his brand. Remember just because a brand launched 6 or 12 months ago it doesn't mean they don't have history, some brands take 5 years to launch taking their time.

I wanted to find out how this brand came around what the reasoning was for its creation,'I realized on the current market, the gap between fast fashion brands and luxury designer brands is too big. Consumers have to either buy clothing at an accessible price but are mass-produced and also inferior in fabric quality. Or they have to spend a lot of money into uniquely designed clothing crafted with premium fabric. There is a need of brands who offer premium quality clothing at a relatively accessible pricing. Eventually this is what people need at least once they have a disposable income', Is what Lei told me.

We then moved on to speak about the particular designs he focuses on and the chance of any upcoming potential collections, William said, 'Tailored jackets are my iconic styles because this is the one piece of clothing which directly elevates your style and elegance. However, I am working on designing with a different experience. For example, I have designed velvet jackets to be worn causally, because velvet is such a beautiful fabric which should not be limited to evening wear. Also I have designed a few suits crafted with luxury denim. The hybrid between street wear and classic is simply amazing', and then he went on to say, 'Just like all other brands, we design 2 collections a year', so he has confirmed that there is a upcoming collection but wouldn't give us any details.

i then wanted to find out about the name, 'William Lei' ,'I use an eponymous brand name because essentially I am sharing my personal style, standard, and inspiration to the public', William informed me and to be honest its pretty hard to argue with that.

Now I found out a little more about the brand i wanted to find out about his busy year. 'I participated on the runway of Fashion Community Week in San Francisco one month ago and was gratefully voted as the Best Designer. FCW is a platform designed specifically for emerging designers and they do show in both US and Europe.', was the first thing he told me. He then went on to say 'I am dressing a soccer player in the LA Galaxy for his wedding and also his groomsmen who also play professional soccer. This will give me a great exposure since sports and fashion is getting more and more significant.', and then..., 'I am discussing a potential partnership with a few NBA teams to be the partner in Fashion for the players and coaching staffs.' What an incredible year for this brand and its owner. It's very clear that fashion brands are starting tot link up with sports personalities such as Lewis Hamilton with Tommy Hilfiger. Its definitely a very clever way to go with marketing.

After hearing what William Lei had to say and after researching his brand I have to say I am very impressed. Its such a strong brand and the marketing behind it has been incredible. i can see this brand being sold world-wide in department stores on major high streets (Oxford Street). Its an amazing brand.

You can check them out here

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