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Our Stay at 'The Bedford' (Balham) - The Return

Following our stay on Saturday 15th December we headed back to the Balham in Bedford toes if they had made any changes and taken on board our suggestions following our somewhat 'Interesting' stay where we were woken many times during the night.

So we're back Friday night in London, heading out for an evening for reviews for Hinton Magazine and we were very kindly welcomed back to The Bedford.

Upon arrival again we found ourselves standing in the middle of a busy bar waiting for someone to come and find us and check us in. After around 5 minutes we were taken through to the 'Hotel' part of the venue where we were giving our key to get in our room we were then shown around the hotel and where our room was.

Everything was going great no issues we left for our evening and then returned around 11pm. Now unfortunately one of us wasn't feeling to well so all we wanted was to get back get in bed and put the TV and then after a little while get some sleep.

We hoped...

around 12:30am we were awoken AGAIN similar to our last visit. We were awoken to a bright red light and a fire alarm ringing. Now again we weren't shown where the fire route was, we later found it in our room on the wall. We also wasn't collected from our rooms when this alarm went off. All of the rooms had guests and when the alarm went off everyone cam out of their rooms not knowing what to do. We headed down to see what was going on only to be greeted by the amazing staff what responded to the question ' Are you Aware the fire alarm is going off know up stairs knows what to do, what shall we do', with 'Theres no fire maybe some fiery girls in tonight'.

Now for me this is not a time to be joking around its 12:30 am I and many more people have been woken up because of the fire alarm is going off. No-one knows what to do and knowing is telling us to do anything and this is what I get told.

Never in my life have i met such unprofessional staff.

Visiting the Bedford again was what i would hope would be a memorable experience for good reasons and i was really gutted it wasn't.

Hinton Rated :5/10

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