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HM Visits: Map Maison

As part of our top things to do in London 2019 we visited Map Maison in East London. I'd Describe Map Maison as 'Cocktail Heaven', If your looking for the best cocktails in London this place has to be taken in to consideration. The venue itself isn't huge its a narrow building but the vibe inside is so warm and chilled as soon as you arrive you instantly feel relaxed.

The venue has a huge cocktail list, this would normally worry me because some places have a huge cocktail list all of which they can do okay, but here they can do them all Unbelievably great. The detail in every cocktail is incredible and the knowledge about the cocktails the staff have is impeccable.

On their website it says: 'We created Map Maison with the intention for it to be a place where anyone can feel at home, regardless of where you come from. We have an international menu, exceptional cocktails and creative interiors'.

Map Maison doesn't just do your average cocktails each and ever cocktail is a piece of art and the time and care taken really shows in each cocktail.

I would highly recommend visiting Map Maison this year whether its for a chilled summer afternoon of evening cocktails to keep warm during the winter this place should definitely be on your map.