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“Be you and only you. That is what gives you your true power…”

Feeling down?


Life these days it can happen to the best of us. We live in an unfortunate age where we can’t keep up with techniques, to an ever-expanding problem.

However, … Here’s some simple coping techniques for depression, they won’t improve instant escape but can improve a glimmer of instant hope. Try not to isolate yourself you have more a support network than you may think.

Remain active using any form of physical activity, as it relieves physical stress, stress, anxiety, and creates feel good vibes.

Meditate relax and unwind ensure you are taking deep controlled slow breathes. Divide big tasks into manageable sized tasks. Think stepping stones for your greatest task to get you to the bigger picture. No more, no less, = simples. Take responsibility. You and only you can ask for help, no one else can for you. Sometimes the biggest and hardest thing you can do it to not put on the mask but to take of the mask. I know I did myself and I got real with myself. Enjoy life do the things that give you pleasure, not what gives other people pleasure. Learn the difference. Eat better to feel better it’s all about balance, eat ice cream but also eat lots of veg. Indulge in learning and active writing, write how you feel and learn what you think. You’ll soon realise you’re not alone. But above all. Be you and only you. That is what gives you your true strength, and that is what gives you your power. Have an amazing day, and remember someone out there loves you.

So remember…

Just a few thoughts. If you’re feeling suicidal. You’re not alone You’re also not unworthy, unimportant, unloved, or any other things that your brain might tell you. Though it may feel like it right now, there is hope.Remember these things, you are enough. Find one thing to stay for. For me it's to be a dad one day but also to attend a few festivals and to see the world mainly Bali and to see my mam become a nana. Remember you matter. Find an outlet to express your feelings or what you're feeling perhaps music, gym, art. Take it day by day, hour by hour, min by min, when you're able to smile again and laugh again it will be beautiful. If you barely got through today, guess what you got through. take a deep breath

It can get better, It will get better, you are your thoughts, and remember again, someone out there loves you, You are strong, so go out there and have the best day.


Because mental health matters.


  • James BSc(hons)

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