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The Fitzdares Club - London

Wondering what you should be doing in London this week? Well we have something that'll be right up your street - The Fitzdares Club helping you enjoy this years Cheltenham Festival!

Now normally sports clubs and luxury don’t often go together, but now the great minds at Fitzdares and Birley Group have created a ‘match made in heaven’ that is going to have Londoner’s queuing round the corner!

Fitzdares are teaming up with Mark’s club for the week of Cheltenham Festival opening the very first luxury sports club, christened The Fitzdares Club. The Fritzdares club is opening it up to epicurean sports fans who may and may not already be members at Mark’s – there will be no other spot on everyone’s radar to enjoy the races this year.

You can expect expert brokers on hand, state-of-the-art giant sports screens, lobster sandwiches, chicken-pot pie, endless glasses of top wine from one of London’s best wine lists and bookable afternoon menus starting from £150 which includes a £50 wager.

Londoners can gain access to drop in or book ahead simply by emailing:

This will be the first time that an exclusive members’ club like Mark’s opens up its doors to non-members and we would love for your readers to have the chance to experience The Fitzdares Club!

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