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HM Visits: When Tech meets Golf, PuttShack

We Continue our search for the top things to do in London 2019 and this time we headed to Westfield, London to visit the guys a PuttShack. For those of you who haven't heard of Puttshack, its a indoor high tech mini golf centre.

The Centre boasts 3 well designed courses (all 9 holes), each hole has a very creative twist to it its clear to see that a lot of thought has gone into each and every hole. One thing for me that really stood out here was how Hi-Tech this place actually is. Each player has there own designated ball as in a standard game of mini golf, but it is important you keep your ball as it is linked to your name and your score as the scoring is all done electronically. Each time you hit the ball it is electronically registered ... which means NO CHEATING!

Another one of the many cool features of PuttShack is the over head ball distribution, On the last hole you get the chance to get 60 points with a hole in one but after you hit this final shot you will not get the ball back as it all gets collected then distributed to the start of the three courses ready for the next set of players.

As your playing the course there are other opportunities to win prizes which makes the stakes even higher! One the evening we went the place was so busy but the staff were always on hand if you needed anything 10/10.

The venue as a whole was such a modern chilled vibe very Techie very spacious very well designed! After our game we sat down in the restaurant and had some food and it was so refreshing to see that they had actual chefs working there, not some greasy cafe it was proper food cooked in the proper way and it was over priced at all! A small selection on the menu but sometimes this is better as they can perfect the meals more!

Overal here at Hinton Magazine we would Highly recommend visiting PuttShack this year otherwise you will be missing out on something incredible.

Be sure to head over to their website and get yourself booked in for a quick 9 holes!

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