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5 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract More Patients

For marketing leaders of a multi-department or multi-site healthcare organisation, you’ll be fully aware of the importance of spreading brand awareness. In fact, when you get your name out there, this can be the difference between what health providers or systems patients choose.

Using effective healthcare marketing strategies is what will get patients on board and ultimately, use your services. To build your patient base, here are some tactics to try out today.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical component of any successful healthcare marketing campaign. This tactic is known for providing powerful and consistent connections with both vendors and patients. Regular updates provide insights into recent developments that patients may find interesting. When a patient needs to make a prompt decision about which healthcare provider to go for, your email marketing efforts could sway them into signing up with you over competitors.

Referral Programmes

Marketing campaigns across all sectors draw on the power of word of mouth. If there’s one industry where word of mouth works best, it’s healthcare. In fact, when family members and friends talk positively about the care they’ve received, others are more likely to check out your services and stick with you, especially when it comes to health. With that in mind, it makes sense to have a referral programme in place.

PPC Advertising

Although there are plenty of healthcare businesses that opt primarily for an organic strategy centred around strong SEO, there is something to be said about the short-term benefits that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can bring. It will take time to craft a well-rounded email list or establish a social media presence. However, with PPC, you can boost brand awareness in a much quicker timeframe. PPC advertising is measurable and trackable and allows you to be in full control. Medico Digital can help you with your PPC advertising campaign. They are a medical and healthcare digital marketing business that boasts many years of experience helping brands like yours gain more traction and attract patients.

Social Media

Social media for healthcare provides an excellent opportunity for gaining trust with prospective patients. Whether you like it or loathe it, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure you have a Facebook business page in place in particular. On this platform, you can create a virtual community and share regular updates about your business. Just make sure that you always remain professional with your content and how you address users. There is the option to use Facebook ads that will extend your reach much further.

Online Reviews

In today’s world, consumers check out online ratings and reviews before making any purchase. When it comes to healthcare brands and getting more patients on your books, they will follow the same trajectory. To build trust with patients, it’s wise to house online reviews and testimonials from existing patients about your brand.

In today’s world, healthcare professionals need to pull out all the stops for marketing and delivering their services to patients. To get more patients on your books, you’ll need to use the right marketing tools and approaches to elevate your brand, get people talking, and keep on top of the competition.


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