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54Floral - Don't Let your competition fool you

'Don't let your competition fool you', A strong statement by 54Floral fashion brand owner Stu Pearce. Stu launched his brand back in 2014 after having lived in china for a few years. Mr Pearce told us here at HINTON 'I actually thought of the idea to create a brand back 2009 when I lived in China and saw the scale of Clothing on offer and it was a time when Graphic T-Shirts had made there first appearance in the UK. However it only really came about through desperation. I was

on the train back to University from being at home around the Summer and so skint, even my full tine job wasn’t paying the bills, I think I owed about £10,000 to family who had helped with deposits and bills so I felt even worse for that. So I sat on the train and thought of names and ideas and I sold my first ’spray painted’ Tee to a friend for £11 about 2 weeks later, and every penny I made I put back into the business until I had cleared my debts. That’s the short of it! Haha. One Year on from that, the £10,000 had been cleared and paid back. Since then, 54 Floral has become one of the most sought-after Emerging Unisex Brands. With a no fuss policy, when it comes to their designs, 54 Floral offers an exciting range of men’s designer clothing, playing on classic styles'. Paying back a £10,000 debt is hard enough but to do it whilst you've just launched you business is incredible and you truly have to give credit for Stu for doing this.

I then wanted to speak to Stu about how he came up with the idea for the name and the logo.' ‘Floral’ from the brands name is an anagram of ‘For all’, and that’s the thinking behind the label. Exciting fashion for all. ‘54’ is a fitting tribute to a lost relative, who sadly died participating in the World Renowned Performance Bikes Race; Isle of Man TT in 2005', Is what he told me.

As I do with any brand I work with I always try to find out as much details out about the designs they focus on and if there are any upcoming collections. firstly Stu told me that his brand he tries to focus on 'Basic' styles as he believes it has a 'far longevity than the trendy stuff you see'. I then wanted to find out about and upcoming collections to reveal exclusively to HINTON readers. We can Exclusively reveal 'Yes we are finishing off AW18 now with a bigger outerwear range and much bigger variety of colour'. So Keep your eye out for this highly anticipated collection which will be dropping very soon.

When speaking to different brands and their owners you get a feel on how well the brand will do in the long term, with 54Floral I honestly cannot see any other direction than up for this brand. To be so highly accredited within the first year to be one of the biggest online fashion brands in 2018 they are a brand you won't was to look past. The brands mission statement is 'Get your head down, graft, don’t let anyone push you down and don’t let your competition fool you'. The most important part of that for me is the 'Don't let you competition fool you' With so many brands popping up everyday this is a bit of advice i will back 100%.

You can get an exclusive discount with HINTON at 54Floral check out the Exclusive discounts page for more details.

Check their website out here

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