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99%: Life-Changing Guide Helps Women Thrive in Relationships

Valeria Tari’s ‘99%: Be the One!’ calls on the author’s experience, life and wisdom to help any woman break free from relationships that are stagnant, insincere and perhaps even flawed at the core, as she empowers them to make small life changes for huge results. From how to morph into a real woman and get men to appreciate them, to avoiding arguments and learning how to communicate in a way that promotes love and respect, Tari’s guide is set to change the lives of millions. It’s a compelling, brave approach to a new kind of viewpoint.

Valeria Tari will be the first to admit that her search for happiness was long and arduous, with many false starts and mistakes along the way. But for each bad experience, Tari has been awakened by many hard truths that have ultimately made her a better person. Her new book, ‘99%: Be the One!’ uses a hitherto unknown approach to help women around the world solve their fiercest relationship problems and rediscover love with the right people, for the right reasons. Even if life feels hopeless, Tari’s book can provide a radical paradigm shift to a place where love is abundant, and where they understand how men operate. Synopsis: Everyone wants to experience a harmonious, intimate, and joy-filled relationship. It may be the dream of every woman to put on a white gown one day and, while gazing deeply into the man’s eyes, to say that sweet “I do.” In the loving years to follow, we’d like for the man to stick beside us. We’d like to be his one and only and for him to appreciate us. We know precisely what feelings we’d like to experience in a romantic relationship, and yet we are less aware (or not aware at all) of the secret tools that can make these feelings a reality, into our actual experience. We may not even know how to make a relationship work well, so that it’s balanced, harmonious, and filled with joy. We don’t know how to bring to life the man our dreams, how to fulfill our desires, or what the magical means are that can transform our romantic relationships into the way we dream of them. Fortunately, the book entitled 99% or Ninety-nine percent reveals the secrets and miraculous means we can use to positively reshape our romantic relationships. With the book, we can achieve the relationship we desire and even join that marked and special 1% who lives in fully-realized romantic relationships that are happy, harmonious, and filled with joy. How are the romantic relationships of the 1% different? Why do they work better? For the answer, we must first understand why 99% of relationships do not work. The book gives us thorough insight into the original roles of men and women, their natures, and the basic principles that make them tick. It examines romantic relationships from an outside perspective, shedding light on the problems and how they take shape, as well as offering solutions to the difficulties. Among other secrets, the book reveals -how we can change from being female into being real women, -how men work and why it’s important we understand how they tick, -what does not work in a romantic relationship, -what will make a relationship perform better, -how we can get the man to appreciate us, -how we can avoid arguments, -what female communication is, -how we can get a man to remain beside us, - what the ancient roles are that have disappeared from romantic relationships, and -how we can guide the man. It took many years, plenty of experience, and even more heartache for this book to come into being. I needed realizations and revelations in order to straighten out myself, men, and the relationships defined by us. I needed time, patience, and humility to get to the right place, so I could perceive the problems that stood in the way of my happiness. With this book, I wish to serve women and impart something of true value, so each of us can find perfect happiness and the relationship she desires. I longed for something else, something new. At the same time, although I trust in the power, relevance, and success of the contents; some of the deeper, philosophical thoughts require more careful attention. I broke up these thoughts with a light and simple romantic short story. That’s how the tale of Lena was born, and the book became two in one: a breezy romantic novel and the latest spiritual and psychological approach to relationships, based on the ancient roles of women and men, as well as their true natures. Ninety-nine percent or 99% is also a handbook, a user’s manual which we can consult to lift our romantic relationships to a higher level of happiness, joy, harmony, and completion. “Look, millions of women around the world are struggling, and many of them in crippling silence,” explains the author, who seeks to pioneer this new kind of problem solving. “I was once one of them, and life doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is that, before we can meet the man of our dreams, we often need to change things about ourselves. This book is a blueprint any woman can follow to make some simple adjustments that will completely change their life, and set it on a new course where love and passion are the dominant forces.” Continuing, “I’ve been there – that claustrophobic place where there isn’t any light, and the world looks loveless. Looking back, I can’t believe how much my life has now changed, and I’m so excited to be sharing this with any woman who will listen, as I compel them to open themselves up to a new kind of thinking. Even if you’re currently in a relationship and just feel things could be better – we’re going to whip your life into shape so you can finally be happy. I admit this is non-ordinary, non-average advice, but it will change your life for the better.” ‘99%: Be the One!’ is available now:


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