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The Rugby Way with CV22

On Saturday 9th June I attended London Fashion Week Mens 2018, there were many amazing brands that I came across and some wonderful people I met, but none quite like Wesley from CV22.

CV22 is a new men’s fashion label named for and based in Rugby. Established in 2015.

Taking inspiration from the history and heritage of our hometown’s legacies and collide them with the contemporary world. Distilling elements of classic menswear to their very ‘thingness’ whether design, silhouette, construction or ritual, and ‘with a fine disregard’ creating a new menswear label that is apologetically progressive and contemporary in attitude, outlook, design and direction. (

One thing that drew me to the CV22 stand was the classical gentleman look. I am a firm believer of every man should own at least 5 suits. Suits these days arent expensive, (Depending on where you shop) and they are easily accessible now with many shops stocking many sizes, But CV22 brought the class to LFWM18. With there historic back ground focusing on the true gentleman Image I was very keen to head over and check out their range.

Whilst speaking to Wesley who was on the stand for CV22, i could hear the passion and drive in his voice and he wasn't selling, personally a man or woman who can speak about something so clearly and passionately when they arent selling are the people who should and will succeed in their venture.

Many of there products are made with high quality materials including Cotton, Linen and cashmere. For a brand that launch less than 36 months ago, they have certainly hit heights that many brands wont even see and I would put that down to the clear angle on marketing and the quality fabrics and designs showing they are a reliable and sort after brand.

CV22 boast variety in their products, offering the best quality Jeans, Polo shirts, Long sleeves cashmere sweaters, standard tee's, linen shirts and even linen suits amongst many other items. To see their collection you can visit them here

I cannot wait to see whats next for this brand as I can only see a bright future ahead.

Curtis Hinton