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Where Is My Underwear

Where Is My Underwear or W.I.M.U was launched by budding brand owners D and F. There is D: an engineer, mathematician, google analytics is his daily bread. There is F: definitely the opposite, creative soul of the duet. 2 guys, a couple in life and in business: she has always worked in fashion industries as a buyer. He has always been interested in e-commerce business, so they put together their knowledge to build their own start up: the first Italian subscription box of underwear.

I wanted to find out more about the brand. So I started right at the beginning. What was the brands initial release date? 'In February 2018, Wimu has seen the light for the first time, after 2 years of preparation, during nigh time, after the daily work'. I then wanted to speak about their inspiration behind the deigns they create.' We are building both a funny shopping experience, and also a brand of underwear, so we started buying products from Italian supplier and now after quite 6 months we are building our own collection of underwear', I was told. I then wanted to find out why they created the brand,' During a travel in Paris, they discover the world of subscription boxes, so they decide to implement this kind of business also in Italy', they informed me.

I did try to find out about any upcoming collections they may have, I managed to squeeze out of them that their next collection is due out just before Christmas time. Such a unique brand I am yet to find one that is similar. The stand out point for me for this brand is they they are having fun with it. You've got to be able to have fun with it all otherwise you will only gain money and lose happiness.

I love everything about this brand, I'm sure more people will be signing up to 'Find Their Underwear'.

Check them out now!


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