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A Pissedmas Carol

2019’s Christmas hit returns bigger and better to lift our spirits in 2021

Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Dec 2021 — 15 Jan 2022

Sh!t-faced Showtime and Sh!t-faced Shakespeare, A Pissedmas Carol is the all singing, all boozing alternative Christmas knees-up we all so desperately needed after the last year and a half of Zoom calls, Tiger King and bloody banana bread. Miserly Scrooge and his classic coterie of employees, relatives and ghosts travel through time having the night of his life – but will Scrooge be merry before the end? Or will it be the spirits that have had too many spirits? With one genuinely drunk cast member in every performance, A Pissedmas Carol is the ultimate “You’ll never guess what happened to me last night” story – despite having heard it all these last 2 years!

So how does it work? Each performance has a cast of actors who all arrive 4 hours before the start of the show for a ‘party’ – however this particular Christmas work social is dry for all but one performer, who gets, yes, you’re starting to catch on - Sh!t-faced. The rest is a delicate tight rope between performing songs and reciting Dickens all within the parameters of our strict improvisation rules, which are stated as thus: Go with WHATEVER the drunk actor decides to do. Unless it’s illegal. But even that’s a grey area we prefer to let our lawyers wade through. Every single show is a one-off. Every single performance has a different drunk actor. Every single time they are genuinely inebriated.

Sh!tfaced Shakespeare was launched in 2010, by a bunch of idiots who loved creating chaos at music festivals such as Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury. Sh!tfaced Showtime joined the Sh!tfaced family in 2015 and have previously presented Oliver with a Twist and Alice through the Looking Glass. Sh!t-faced Shakespeare and Showtime have performed all across the UK, USA and Australia and regularly sell-out the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes.

Producer and performer James Murfitt said “We know you all missed not having Tiny Tim’s not-so-tiny endowment and Scrooge’s expletive laden tirade on the working class bandied about the Christmas table last year, so we’ve decided to charitably stuff an extended 90 minute show with all new songs, scenes, dance sequences and even an extra trick or two into your stockings this year! Don’t say we’re Scrooge’s this Christmas! Bar, Rum, Glug!

Running Time: 90 minutes | Suitable for ages 16+ (may contain nudity and strong language)


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