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A Regal Feast for National Lobster Day at The Mayfair Chippy

Lobster Crumpet & The Mayfair Lobster Supper.

Brace your taste buds and ready your lobster-cracking skills because London's favourite fish and chip restaurant, The Mayfair Chippy, is about to embark on a lobsterlicious adventure in honour of National Lobster Day. From September 25th to October 1st, 2023, prepare for a week-long celebration featuring the ultimate indulgence - The Mayfair Lobster Supper, accompanied by the delightful addition of a starter, the delectable Lobster Crumpet.

For just £16.50, kickstart your lobster feast with the exquisite Lobster Crumpet. This tantalising starter features a perfectly toasted crumpet topped with succulent lobster, a rare bit of glaze for that extra zest, fragrant tarragon, a hint of Henderson's relish, and a roasted tomato that adds a burst of flavour. It's the perfect warm up to the seafood symphony to follow.

Priced at £150 for two, The Mayfair Lobster Supper features a succulent whole grilled native lobster, expertly infused with the tantalising blend of garlic and lemon. A true showstopper, this is accompanied with a luxurious lobster mac n cheese that combines the richness of lobster with creamy macaroni and cheese. Drizzled with decadent Thermidor butter, the lobster reaches new heights of flavour. Accompanied by golden and crispy hand-cut chips and a refreshing garden & herb salad, this meal strikes a perfect balance. To top it all off, guests can raise a glass with a complimentary serving of premium Piper-Heidsiek champagne.

Whether you're sharing it with a dear friend, enjoying a romantic date night, or treating your family, Lobster Crumpet and The Mayfair Lobster Supper at The Mayfair Chippy is the perfect way to come together and relish an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of London.


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