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A solar-powered timepiece

In honour of the 50th anniversary of World earth day, watch makers Fossil gave released a limited addition watch 'Solar'.

Not only is this watch something new for the brand it also represents a committed change the brand are looking to make. With climate change on every world leaders lips in recent years becoming Eco-friendly and producing sustainably products is of high importance to brands and how they move forward.

The Solar watch is what Fossil are calling 'The first step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability'. The watch gives the buyer a choice of 5 wrist straps, offering mellow and bold colours in the selection. The 5 straps that are included are made from approximately plastic bottles, which would of probably ended up in landfill.

The Watch giant admits the watch isn't 100% sustainable... yet! They have explaining they are working in the direction of making this happen. They have out-laid their aim for 100% of their products to meet what they are calling their 'pro-planet' criteria by 2025, not long at all.

So what is the 'pro-planet' criteria? Fossil explain there are two main point; The product must include at least one sustainability-approved material. and The product’s primary packaging must be recyclable and/or reusable. The solar watch meets both of these points.

The watch can be charged not only by sunlight but also florescent light too, for example something like a lamp would also charge the Solar watch which takes 5 hours to full charge, once it is fully charged the watch would be able to run for around 4 months, without light. The brand have also made this product Vegan friendly as they have said,' We’re proud to say that no animal byproducts were used in the making of this timepiece'. Again another example on how the world is changing rapidly to create a more animal friendly, sustainable environment for the future generations.

Head over to Fossil now and get your hands on the limited edition piece for just £129.00 before they all sell out! Checkout the Solar watch Here.