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A Spaniel's Guide To Lockdown: New Book, from Doggy “Pawthor”...

... Takes Unique Look at 2020 Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend

Written by Doughnut B. Dog, with help from owner Janey Bailey, ‘A Spaniel’s Guide to Lockdown’ takes a hilarious, irreverent look at lockdown, as experienced by a mischievous and accident-prone spaniel. From home haircuts to homeschooling, Doughnut B. Dog has been there through it all, and now dishes up insights and wisdom that only a pooch could.

While 2020 has been full of insecurities and that “anything could happen next” mindset, the nation’s loyal dogs have been there for it all. From a stable presence in the house, to moral support and providing plenty of laughs – millions have never been more grateful for their fur babies.

But what did 2020, and lockdown, look like through their eyes? A new book by Doughnut B. Dog now makes understanding it all pawsibble.

Synopsis of ‘A Spaniel's Guide To Lockdown’:

Experience lockdown through the eyes of an exuberant spaniel. From face-masks to home haircuts, home-schooling to hobbies, clapping for carers and trying to break a record, Doughnut B. Dog, debut pawthor looks at how to maximise fun. For 8-99+ year olds.

“Um….this was of course all Doughnut B. Dog’s work, from start to finish!” says human Janey Bailey. “I was just there to wipe his muddy paw marks off the pages, provide some translations into human-speak, and make sure the writing process wasn’t hindered by squirrel distractions. The end product is an hilarious and reflective book, that perfectly captures what this year has been about.”

Continuing, “Of course, at the end of the day, it’s a good bit of fun – and something to remember 2020 by when this all becomes a blip in our lives. I hope readers chortle into the night as they read it, and perhaps grab their pet and give them a big squeeze of gratitude.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. CWebs writes, “The tales (tails?) and musings of Doughnut B. Dog, a spirited but accident prone spaniel, during lockdown. A real delight, full of doggy derring-do and daftness. Anyone who's had a dog will relate to Doughnut`s stories. Will appeal to adults and children alike. Loved it!”.

Clare adds, “I read this on a wet and cold day with my puppy on my feet. Its a treasure of a book that made me smile - captures the spirit of the pooch perfectly. My 11 year loved it also”.

‘A Spaniel's Guide To Lockdown’ is available now:


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