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Active Play Specialists Plum Play Launch Interactive Trampoline for 2022

Children Can Jump with Sounds and Interactive Lights with The 4.5ft Interactive Lights Junior Trampoline and Enclosure

Feel like a star on the 4.5ft Interactive Lights Junior Trampoline and Enclosure from Plum Play. The brand-new trampoline has interactive LED lights around the top rim that changes into six colours. The multi-coloured lights are activated through a child’s favourite songs. The interactive lights are great for early evenings when the light begins to fade, or equally great during the day. The lights will flash in sync with the musical beats using its built-in audio sensor.

The lights and sounds keep children playing for longer, ensuring that playtime is energetic, fun, and perfect for singing along. With a Springsafe enclosure, it keeps jumpers safely away from the springs and frame. Designed to last it is made with a galvanised steel frame and weatherproof soft materials, all ensuring durable and safe play. The trampoline is designed with a low height frame allowing children to climb on and off at ease. With a stylish black finish it enhances the multi-coloured LED lights, it will have children jumping for hours on end.


  • Interactive LED lights flash to music.

  • Lights flash in 6 colours, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green.

  • Weatherproof soft materials.

  • Designed to keep children entertained and active.

  • Strong and durable galvanised steel frame.

  • Low Profile allows children to get on and off at ease.

  • For ages 36m+

  • Weight Limit 40cm

  • Dimensions 140x140x190

  • No mains electricity is needed as the lights are battery operated. 4 X AA in a waterproof casing for safety.

The Plum Play 4.5ft interactive lights junior trampoline and enclosure costs £184.99 from