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ADAM Grooming, London’s hottest men’s grooming destination celebrates impressive expansion...

... and first year anniversary of Mayfair atelier.

ADAM Grooming, London’s hottest men’s grooming destination is

excited to announce the growth of its group of premium ateliers across the capital. In just over three years since conception, ADAM Grooming has become one of the highest rated and most reviewed barbershop in the UK and expanded throughout central London with locations in Canary Wharf, City, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, and Victoria and further locations to be announced this year.

ADAM Grooming was founded in 2016 by Esat Kolege and Oytun Pakcan, both coming from

finance backgrounds, who felt there was a gap in the market for a modern barber shop with

the traditional skills that they had experienced from the Turkish barbershops growing up.

Now a fast favourite amongst young creatives, corporate financiers and CEO’s of global tech

companies, ADAM Grooming has surpassed expectations due to its laser focus on

‘experience’. The ADAM experience is not about the latest trend or bygone era, it is about

stepping into a contemporary, uncluttered space, indulging in the artful hands and

discerning eye of skilled barbers, and walking out feeling restored and looking sharp and


ADAM’s traditions take root in Roman barbering and old-world craftsmanship following the

traditional apprentice model. Like the earliest artisans, ADAM’s talented barbers have

acquired their expertise through years of experience and apprenticeship. Each member of the

ADAM Grooming team pride themselves on perfection and make sure every treatment meets

the customers exact need.

Over the last three years this has resulted in them attracting, hiring and training some of the industry’s top talent. Each experience lasts 30-40 minutes with the goal to make every minute as pleasant as possible. With a warm professional approach from the skilled barbers, customers leave the atelier feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Top treatments include the Directors Cut, Adam’s traditional haircut consultation, the Face Time, a beard trim or wet shave consultation, and the Skin Fade, Adam’s craftsmanship haircut with smoothest transitions from light to dark.

The consumer experience is everything at Adam Grooming, from the service to the product

to the atmosphere. Customers can enjoy a complimentary beverage as part of their booking

from the in-house bar offering a selection of whiskies, beers or non-alcoholic drinks. On

Thursday and Friday evenings, customers can enjoy a selection of cocktails made by the brands resident mixologist including Espresso Martinis, Old Fashioned or a classic Negroni. ADAM Grooming ateliers interior draws inspiration from contemporary Scandinavian design mixed with the traditionalism of a Turkish barber shop. With its hexagonal layout, the design provides exclusivity and undivided attention to the guests while they are being served.

Inspired by Turkish baths, its timeless materials like Marmara marble and natural chestnut

create an elegant yet relaxing environment. ADAM’s logo features the profile of a man whose

lines and shapes suggest the streets and neighbourhoods of a city—a reminder that ADAM’s

identity is continually formed by the clientele who work, play, and live here now.

ADAM Grooming will be launching two more sites in Canary Wharf and London Bridge in

summer 2019 reaching to 7 ateliers in London. July will also see ADAM Grooming in Mayfair

celebrate the one-year anniversary of the atelier. Making it clear that ADAM Grooming are

taking over London’s grooming scene.

The brand will also be expanding on their exclusive products range curated by their own

barbers and manufactured in the UK. Currently sold exclusively instore is the ADAM Clay,

Paste and Mudd as well as a range of shave and beard products.