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There are many reasons why people start their own fashion brand; because they can't find they things they want from other brands, because they want to be financially independent and have their own business, but my favourite reason is the exact same reason Tine from AFORA launched her brand... It was always her dream.

One of the best things about independent brands is that a lot of the time they hold fantastic stories, dont get me wrong some are better than others. Without a doubt amongst my favourite are those that started with a life long dream. This was the case for Christine Metz or 'Tine' as she goes by. Tine launched her brand AFORA with almost 12 years of Fashion industry knowledge behind her just 13 months ago. She told us,'My dream has always been to found my own label and I dared to do that'. After studying different areas of the trade including; being a traing fashion tailor, clothing technician, Studying fashion design and gaining significant professional experience 13 months ago she fulfilled that deam. Her brand AFORA was born.

One thing Tine was certain about when she was planning the launch of AFLORA was the fact she wanted to make the brand fair, sustainable and transparent. This is something more and more brands are tending to do. Especially those just starting, every single practice in your new business is yet to be created so you're in the prime position to create it in a fair, sustainable and in a transparent way. It's also something we are seeing more consumers looking for in brands too, with many only shopping with brands who showcase these practices in their businesses, let's face it its never going to do any harm is it!

Alongside the good business, Tine wanted to make sure she utilised every craft lesson she was taught she told us,'But good craft has always been particularly important to me; Good processing techniques for the products and very good quality of the fabrics are what make this happen'. Im sure this is where that total of 13 years of knowledge will give her a boost!

With brands like AFLORA and founders / Designers like Tine you can just get such a positive feeling about the brand, and this is something customers will be attracted to and not a trait you can by. It's something that is deeply routed in the business. It also helps that the garments AFLORA produces for both men and women are exactly what's in fashion right now and they boast a premium look to them.

You can shop the full range from ALFORA now over at

AFORA.WORLD is for me and for you and for everyone!


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