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Afterlight Leisure

Looking stylish whilst feeling comfortable is something we all try to balance. Usually, we have to sacrifice one for the other, but things are changing - Afterlight Leisure is the go-to brand for quality garments, which aren't just comfortable but keep you looking great too..

This US-based brand brings something we've all been searching for since the dawn of time. In speaking with the brand, they shared that, 'Afterlight Leisure represents a focus on presence. On expression. On embracing playfulness and pleasure. Fusing nostalgia with an ongoing excitement for the creation of new memories that will last a lifetime.' This desire to bring out people’s joy, playfulness and expression is discernible throughout their men’s, women’s, and unisex styles with designs that stimulate your senses! Afterlight Leisure expanded on their mission, saying 'We believe that the most crucial currency is how long each of us holds on to our defining memories of pleasure and fulfilment. Our objective is to live on in the backdrop of these most joyous occasions with the embrace of our carefully crafted garments'.

Another important aspect of the brand is their sustainability practices, ensuring they offset their carbon footprint, choose eco-conscious materials, produce in small batches, empower their local community in Bali through creative and design partnerships, and contribute to local philanthropic initiatives. The brand wants to ensure this is clearly articulated to their customers with transparency into their value chain of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a product. Their thoughtful approach enables customers to not only look stylish (and comfortable), but also feel good about the socially responsible impact of their purchases.

Stocking a high-quality range of garments for both men and women, the brand is very clearly exuding authenticity in each of their designs. Playful and thoughtfully-crafted, from their unisex Terry Cloth Kimono to their premium Zipper Terry Cloth Polo. Afterlight Leisure is genuinely a brand with something for everyone,

You can shop the full range of Afterlight Leisure over at now!