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Airo – The Smart Balance Bike

The lightweight AIRO balance bike is fast, agile and sleek, whether you’re going to school or shooting to the park. It is strong, sturdy and made from ultra-tough magnesium alloy which weighs just 2.95kg, it is almost light enough to float away. Light enough to not injure a child when they fall and a welcome relief to parents who sometimes must carry bikes when young ones down tools.

The AIRO’s incredibly lightweight frame allows children to propel themselves along and learn to balance effortlessly. The AIRO features footrests that has been stylishly contoured into the frame and the air-filled rubber tires on aluminum rims make for a smooth free-wheeling experience. The neoprene padded stem provides additional safety, while the fully adjustable seat makes it perfect for ages 18mths – 5years.

In addition, sealed bearings mean that the wheels are better protected against road debris and the elements. Zero-maintenance and available with a lifetime warranty.

Lighter than all 23 comparable competitors, Airo is the smart choice for smart kids and parents.

The Hornit Airo is available in a range of colours and costs just £129 from

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