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Alcohol-free Off-licence Launches Curated Tours

Offy Journeys Demystify Non-alc Alternatives As Shop Extends Residency To End Of March.

Helping those looking to continue their Dry January missions long past the first months of the year, the Alcohol-Free Off-Licence is launching guided shop tours from Club Soda’s mindful drinking experts, who will get you tasting the very best alcohol-free alternatives and assist you in finding your new non-alc favourites throughout March.

Tutored routes available to take through the store now include the alcohol-free wine journey, the alcohol-free rum journey, the alcohol-free whisky journey, the alcohol-free gin journey and finally, the alcohol-free Spritz Veneziano/Negroni journey. Each journey lasts one hour and at each stop on the excursion, the Club Soda guides will advise on serving suggestions, tasting notes, production methods and food pairings.

Whether you’re a non-alc spirits lover looking to discover brands such as Lyre’s, Everleaf, Pentire, Square Root, Sea Arch and NINE ELMS, or someone looking for good alcohol-free wine alternatives from brands like OddBird, Noughty and Very Cautious, the Off-Licence offers an unparalleled opportunity to try before you buy and sample some of the best alcohol-free drinks currently available in the UK.

Tickets are just £5, with tickets also acting as £5 vouchers for you to spend in store on souvenirs to take home. With tickets available now to buy via the website, dates for the sessions can be found in the end notes below.

The Alcohol-Free Off-Licence has been a huge success since launching in December, with Club Soda extending the residency for a third time to the end of March.

Laura Willoughby MBE, Club Soda Founder, said: "We believe changing drinking habits starts with making better choices. Connecting everyone with the world of low and no alcohol drinks is essential to helping us all create and sustain lasting change. If you have not dipped into alcohol-free drinks for a while, you will be amazed at what has changed. So we invite everyone to pop along and find a new favourite tipple."

Club Soda is the UK's Mindful Drinking Movement. Club Soda support's individuals to drink more mindfully and live well, empowering people to change their drinking, choose better alcohol-free drinks and connect with other mindful drinkers.


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