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The Hawaiian Shirt - AllSaints


Today AllSaints is set to launch their Hawaiian shirt collection and we managed to get an inside look into the range.

The origins of the Hawaiian or Aloha shirt can be traced back to the early 20th century where immigrants to Hawaii brought their designs and textiles with them. This included intricately pattern kimono for Japan and luxurious silks from China. During the 1940's the shirts gained a wider audience when the american soldiers brought them back as souvenirs and the popularity grew for the 1950's which came to be known as the 'Golden Age' for aloha shirts.

We were told by AllSaints they wanted to use the attitude from the 1950's audience in their latest collection the 'Iconic' Status that the Hawaiian shirt becoming the symbol of the rebellion and optimism post war and not forgetting the rock n roll youth generation of the 50's and 60's.

When they (AllSaints) started introducing these Hawaiian and aloha shirts they wanted to make sure they were doing it right, so they took it back to its origins to find 'raw' inspiration of which they found in the vintage Japanese kimono and cloths, which they then copied the designs on to there own special cloth (viscose).

Each season they (AllSaints) are going to keep bringing out the latest collection of these Hawaiian and Aloha shirts and it it relevant. Their key is to keep the AllSaints Hawaiian shirt the key to anyone's wardrobe.

We ask can this be done?

We don't see why not, whilst fashion is constantly changing, as long as the patterns are relevant this Hawaiian / Aloha shirt could definitely become the pivotal part of anyone's wardrobe. Its about how clever they will be when releasing the next range as if they repeated themselves in patterns it could dent the 'Sales' but from the history of their (AllSaints) previous collections we don't see that happening!



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