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Applied Human Behavioural Power and Sexual Dynamics - The Book of Social and Sexual Dominance

Jay Moap’s ‘Applied Human Behavioural Power and Sexual Dynamics’ is an unconventional, fearless and potentially cage-rattling look at relationship and sexual dynamics between men and women – all examined from a strictly primal perspective. The result is a bold, invaluable decision-making guide for all areas of life. With everything written with real-life application at its core, Moap’s guide will help anyone better understand who they are, what drives them, and how they can embrace their sexual power to thrive.

Jay Moap is the first to admit that ‘Applied Human Behavioural Power and Sexual Dynamics’ could just be the most talked about, unusual and controversial book of 2020. Afterall, the volume stands to redefine everything humanity thought it knew about the optical dynamics of human relationships and sex.

But Moap is unafraid. The book is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and application of core concepts into the real world. It results in a book any reader can rapidly apply to their own life, understanding all possible outcomes from their behaviour.


Low relationship satisfaction associated with lack of compatibility factors in partner selection, besides the absence of genuine intimacy, and uninhibited sexuality. This book takes a pragmatic approach to address this problem, by revealing the primal human behavioural influences, associated with social and mating hierarchy, subsequently, the power distribution in relationships and human sexual behavior. Accordingly, the book strictly focus on the real life functional applications, and aim to reduce the complexity of human behaviour and decision making processes. Subsequently, the book offers the same pragmatic approach associated with organic sexual dynamics from the positions of dominance and submission.

“From human mating choices to other sexual behaviours, dominance, submission, finances and a plethora of other facets we often take for granted, I put social influences aside to examine each from a strictly primal viewpoint,” explains the author. “It will definitely enlighten readers to the outcomes of their choices, and move them to a place of greater mating success and satisfaction. The problem is - this is the important stuff nobody ever talks about.”

Continuing, “While the theory is heavy in places, everything is directly applicable to readers’ lives, no matter their situation, age or gender. You can use this book as a navigator and decision-making guide for almost any aspect of your life, because our primal instincts and behaviours carry weight that we often don’t consciously recognize. Looking to boost your interpersonal relationships? Looking for sexual energy you thought you’d lost forever? Looking to just be better at life? Pick up a copy.”

‘Applied Human Behavioural Power and Sexual Dynamics’ is available now at Amazon & Apple Store