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Let's face it 2020 is a year most of us would like to forget. All it seems to be is doom and gloom everywhere. Leaving us all to try and make ourselves feel better and there's one way you can do this and that is with the clothes you wear. We all love to look and feel a million dollars but sometimes the clothes wear dont always do this. But there is one brand that are making women everywhere look and feel a trillion dollars, Aurore Lingerie.

Aurore is a sustainable lingerie brand launched in 2018 and ever since they have been designing and giving women everywhere elegant pieces to wear, guaranteed to give them that luxury feeling. The lingerie brand creates minimalistic and elegant lifestyle pieces. Launched by founder Alexandra Di Nella who's an ex technology consultant in a top tier firm. She turned her focus to her passion, creating sophisticated lingerie.

Alexandra, from the outset wanted to ensure her range would produce sustainable pieces. Focusing her attention on ethical production in every detail from sourcing materials personally to packaging. Something we are seeing more and more of with each year that goes by, but still feels like not enough brands are striving to do this quickly.

Talking about inspiration in her designs, Alexandra told us,'We draw inspiration from the 90s style, bringing in the unconventional color palette of lace, tulle, and silk' and all you have to do is take a look at their collections to see that this exactly what this brand offers.

Showing customers are at the front of their thoughts when it comes to designing the brand says, 'Women have a complex relationships with their body as it goes through natural life cycles, so we strive to power their lives through lingerie that is comfortable, of quality and excellent in fit'. Something that women are going to love. Someone who can connect with them and someone who wants to make their life that little bit more comfortable whilst looking and feeling fabulous.

The brand also give you a sense of warmth, a sense of personal touch with them specifically choosing where their garments are made and making sure the quality standards are kept across all collections ,' We work with small independent producers in Russia, Portugal and Italy and keep the same handmade quality standards across all collections'.

Aurore boasts a wide range of collections in different styles and colours. Truly something for every woman. Why not head over to now and check out the full range of collections.


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