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Avani Apparel

What makes a brand appealing to consumers? Is it the designs they make, is it the price? For years consumers have been tied between the two but in recent years there is a new appeal that attracts customers globally, a brand being ethically conscious. There are many levels to being ethically conscious, from the sourcing of the fabrics to where the garments are made, if a brand can tell its consumers exactly what the production chain is, ensuring they have paid a fair price and kept the impact on the environment low they are amongst the top brands. Avani Apparel are this brand and there is so much more to know.

Avani is a Women's fashion brand that clearly has ethics at its core, valuing every stage of their production process as much as the next. 'Designed by women craftsmen with unparalleled know-how, our creations are essentials of the wardrobe with subtle and refined details', the brand also boast elegance throughout its collections bringing stylish and sophisticated garments to its customers.

Speaking to the brand about it's production process they told us, 'We only work with local artisans. It is essential that each of them works in conditions faithful to our values, which is why we ensure that all our partners have a salary commensurate with their talent and the working conditions conducive to creation'. Something that would attract more and more consumers globally. The brand continued, 'It is important to us to preserve a regional know-how, all of our creations have been designed and produced within a radius of 190 km between Geneva and Marcollin. It also allows us to carry out continuous quality control and constantly communicate with our craftsmen'. Something that creates an extended family feel to the brand.

The brand stocks garments for women including; Skirts, Pants, Sweaters, Dresses, Shirts, Tops and blouses & Jackets all of which the ensure follow the brands sustainability practises.

You can shop the full range from Avani Apparel over at