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Awoke N' Aware

Launched on March 24th 2019 Awoke N' Aware are one of the newest fashion brands on the scene and founders Cory Yefet & Kelly Saltzman have high hopes for the brand. With brands popping up everywhere now I wanted to find out what was different for this brand compared to the others that are out there. "Cory and I are both super passionate about wildlife and making sure our actions secure a safe home for them. But at the same time, we put a lot of energy into making sure we look dope AF. But we found it difficult to shop with the planet in mind. so, we decided to combine our passion for fashion and wildlife and do something good for the planet. This is how we make it easy to give a f*ck about looking good and doing good" Kelly informed me.

The brand is committed to donating 15% of its profits to their chosen wildlife charities. When asked about this Ms Saltzman told me, "Changing our shopping behaviour to have the planet in mind was tough. Something always gave: not helping wildlife, no sustainability, no ethicality, or an outfit we’d never touch with a 10-foot pole (sorry, not sorry). So, we woke up, realized there are other people out there (like you) who also want to look dope, but do it the right way. We have partnered with some really amazing conservations (like Ol Pejeta) that really impact the state of our animals in need."

Now we've uncovered the ethics of this brand lets talk about the styles, the designs and most importantly the collections. Launch a little over a month ago it's just the brands first collection and it'll be understandable if they have no second collection lined up yet but I wanted to find out be inspiration behind their first set of designs. I asked Kelly about the first collection and how it cam about, "We released our essential collection about 1 month ago, and close after that our "it's easy to give a f*ck" hoodies made with organic cotton and 8 recycled plastic bottles. These are a limited edition with very few items left. Soon we will be releasing some new items! Stay tuned" Is what i was told. I then wanted to know about the inspiration, "Knowing that there will be an impact for wildlife. With each collection, we are directly helping wildlife with the way we make it (not impacting the environment) and the ability our consumers give us to donate back to wildlife afterwards! And of course, knowing all of this leads to making sure our consumers look killer in their new outfit, that we designed" Founder Kelly told me.

As always I am trying to find the latest news for our Hinton Readers so I wanted to see if they would give me any news on any upcoming collections, all I was told was "Think tie dye, think summer swag, think fun" which leads me to think they are releasing more ranges before Summer 2019 kicks in.

Its clear to see we could have quite a special brand on our hands here and its clear to see the owners are passionate and dedicated to the brand and the ethics behind it. With a Purpose: To encourage a world where all apparel is made the right way, sustainably and ethically, and where the state of wildlife is positively impacted. We want a world that is enjoyed by all of its inhabitants. and a Mission: To create high-quality lifestyle apparel in a sustainable and ethical manner, in order to give back to wildlife, this brand can really succeed at the high levels but first of all they need to keep working has and stay committed.

You can see more of this brand over on their website