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Bao Skincare

For many people their daily skincare routine is just as important as their morning shower or brushing their teeth and everyday more and more people are creating skincare routines for themselves or adapting their current one to fit their skincare needs as they discover new products that work incredibly well for them. And there is one brand that is helping to lead the way in natural skincare products, Bao Skincare.

The story of the founding of the skincare brand BAO Skincare is one of inspiration. Beth Coldrick the founder of the brand boasts over 15 years of knowledge working in the natural beauty industry.

The journey to launching her own brand really started in 2009 when founder Beth was diagnosed with Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Beth told us, 'It has been a tough few years but having IBD lead me to the holistic and wellness industry and I am so grateful for this' She then continued by talking about her own skin and experiences by saying, 'in my teens I struggled with breakouts and slightly oily skin. I tried all of the “acne” products but they just seemed to make my skin dry and sensitive'. This is what made Beth turn to start using natural skincare products and for Beth it seem to work quite well, but as she got a little older, moving into her 30's Beth things began to change, Beth told us, 'I used to suffer with really sensitive skin, this was due to the side effects from the many medications I was put on for my Crohns Disease. I tried everything and just couldn’t find skincare products that helped to calm the redness'. This is what lead Beth in 2012 decided to start making her own handmade natural beauty products, which she found worked every well! This is what lead her into making her own products and launching BAO Skincare.

What for me makes this brand stand out and gives it so much credit is the fact that the founder Beth is keen to tell that story, she won't be the only one out there who suffers with this and she hasn't just sat there and done nothing - she's taking it upon herself to help and improve her skincare products and ultimately how she feels.

BAO Skincare boasts fantastic ranges in; Face creams, mists, body oils, bath salts and hand soap plus many more! And on top of that they are all natural, something that more and more consumers are making a high priority these days.

You can shop the full range of natural skincare products from BAO Skincare including their christmas gift sets now over at

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