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Bimber Classic London Dry Gin (premium) - 40% Abv.

Bimber describes this gin a perfectly balanced gin with a characteristic flavour of juniper berries, a touch of citrus and an earthy finish. This gin is copper pot distilled with the finest botanical with each batch being distilled and bottled by hand.

Taste: 2/5 This Gin provided a pleasant aroma with the consumers commenting on the scent of juniper berries against a citrus background, similar to that described by Bimber. This Gin delivered a stronger taste with a prolonged after-taste. However this taste was described at raspy and rough on the pallet, therefore was not as pleasurable as the Original London Dry Gin.

Bottle Design: 3.7/5 Consumers felt that this Gin Bottle lacked impression, making it appear like a supermarkets own brand of Gin. They did however approve of the simplicity of the design and colour selection. In comparison to the Original London Dry Gin consumers felt that they would not be drawn to this on the shelf.

Label Design: 1/5 The label was described as bland, with minimal features to attract the eye.

Value for money: 3/5 Consumers felt this to be a more expensive Gin due to the power of the taste, however it retails at £20.95. They were surprised by this due to the intensity of the taste, but as a result agreed it was fair value for money.

Overall: 2.4/5

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