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Bimber Original London Dry Gin - 42% Abv.

Bimber describe their London Dry Gin as a stand-out classic – striking the perfect balance between bright juniper; orange and lemon citrus freshness, nutty coriander seed, fragrant angelica root, and warm cinnamon. This Gin has successfully won the International spirits challenge 2016 and the International wine and spirit competition 2016 (a quality award).

Taste: 3.1/5 The Gin was soft on the pallet with hints of juniper. Consumers described this as an ‘everyday drink’ implying that it was easy to drink. However, it was fairly basic tasting which everyone agreed was enhanced with a slice of lime, encouraging the range of flavours to be further expressed.

Bottle Design: 4.25/5 Clean, simple and classy, bottle shape which was favoured greatly compared to the Bimber Classic London Dry Gin. The modern twist which draws the eye and compels to purchase.

Label Design: 4/5 The glass design was repeatedly brought up in conversation due to the elegance and simplicity it offers, with the transparency of the spirit allowing the letters to catch your eye. In addition, the design of a thinner, lower label was also preferential enhancing the modernised feel to the overall bottle.

Value for money: 1.6/5 Consumers felt that due to the ‘everyday drink’ vibe they perceived from the taste of the gin, that the gin would be marketed at a price between £20-£25. With the actual price being £34.95 they felt it was overpriced for the drink itself and that perhaps the look of the bottle warranted the higher price.

Overall: 3.2/5

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