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Blue cheese is now for (shelf) life… not just for Christmas!

From the indulgent earthy tang to the whiff of mouldy blue, new sales data suggests when it comes to cheese, British shoppers are on the hunt for ‘stinky’ blues.

Figures released by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses reveal a surge in sales of its popular blue cheese ‘Blacksticks Blue’. This year, the fourth-generation family business reported a whopping 44% increase in sales of the cheese in comparison to 2019.

The blue cheese trend follows a steep rise in shoppers exploring speciality cheeses. With dining at home through lockdowns and the rise in e-commerce spiking sales, the cheese market is up by just over 20% year on year.

And we can’t get enough of it, a study this month revealed one third of Brits believed they couldn’t live without cheese.*

As the UK prepares for Christmas, the Lancashire-based business anticipates a further hike in the sales of its rich blue – with Butlers preparing for four times the sales of Blacksticks Blue in December than that of any other month this year.

Tapping into the trend and giving the public even more of what they want, Butlers has now launched a festive ‘Mature your Own Blacksticks Blue’.

The first of its kind, the cheese gift pack consists of one whole baby 500g Blacksticks Blue cheese to nurture just the way you like it, all the way from mellow to nuclear tang. Each cheese comes with a ‘birth certificate’ for keeping track of maturation and a simple instruction guide allowing cheese lovers to pick their desired taste.

Matthew Hall, fourth generation owner, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, said, “On average, around 27% of our sales for Blacksticks Blue are at Christmas-time. This year we have seen growth in our direct to consumer offer too, thanks to our letter box online cheese shop and Butlers Larder home delivery, with people looking for alternative ways to enjoy cheese as well as gifting for their friends and family.

“The Mature your own gift pack is a great gift for a blue cheese lover and budding cheese makers who want to create the magic at home this Christmas.”

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses and can be found in all major supermarkets – you can even try Blacksticks Blue Cheese Brulee to jazz up dessert. The Mature your Own Blacksticks Blue is available for pre-order online for £20.00 plus delivery.

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