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Blue Skeleton Leather Strap Freelancer

After enjoying much success with its automatic freelancer Calibre RW1212 Skeleton, RAYMOND WEIL is pleased to unveil its latest open-worked model with an overtly modern appearance. The freelancer 2785 discloses many of its movement parts while optimising readability with the judicious application of colour. The Blue Skeleton Leather Strap freelancer will be available exclusively at Goldsmiths.

Since it was founded in 1976, RAYMOND WEIL has gained a reputation for its distinctive blend of Swiss quality, accomplished design and value for money. Moreover, by employing an extraordinary degree of ingenuity, Genevan Maison has democratised various horological genres that have historically proved prohibitively expensive. One such example is the ‘open-worked’ timepiece, also known as the ‘skeleton’ watch.

The RAYMOND WEIL blue freelancer 2785 is the latest skeleton watch from the Swiss company and builds upon the success of earlier open worked models.

Historically in watchmaking, a ‘regular’ movement was used as the basis of an open-worked timepiece. A highly-skilled watchmaker would create openings in various parts of the movement, such as the main plate and bridges, using a series of drills, handsaws and files. The objective was to expose the beauty of the movement and various components typically hidden from view. The watchmaker would have to exercise great care not to touch the jewel beds, screws and areas supporting the gear train as this could affect the smooth running of the watch. Furthermore, the torsional rigidity of the open-worked movement would require careful consideration.

Some Maisons, particularly in the Haute Horlogerie segment, continue to employ this traditional approach to skeletonisation. However, this process is time-consuming and, by default, expensive.

RAYMOND WEIL, working in collaboration with movement specialist Sellita conceived the Calibre RW1212. From the outset, this movement was purposely designed for a skeleton watch. The main plate and bridges are milled using a CNC machine, working to tolerances measured in Hundredths of millimetres. Various calculations are made using computer modelling in order to ensure the rigidity of the movement is optimised, thereby conferring precision and reliability.

Traditional forms of skeletonising preclude such a comprehensive and consistent approach to open-working a watch.

The new RAYMOND WEIL freelancer 2785 shares some details in common with its forebears, but looks decidedly fresh. The barrel shaped hour and minute hands are lined with a liberal application of white Super-LumiNova®, heightening readability. The hours are mainly denoted with plump Arabic numerals, again enlivened with white Super-LumiNova®. A blue flange encircles the open-worked dial and is marked with a minute track, facilitating ease of read-off.

However, the most remarkable feature is unequivocally the mechanical performance taking place centre stage. In the upper region of the dial, an open-worked barrel reveals the mainspring in various states of tension. Furthermore, inquisitive eyes are indulged with views of the keyless works, the gear train and motion works. At the base of the dial, the balance wheel oscillates to and for the delectation of the wearer, while the pallet lever, positioned beyond, can be seen conversing with the escape wheel. Black hues are employed throughout, helping to accentuate the various disclosed components.

Measuring 42.5mm in diameter, the stainless steel case contributes to the model’s contemporary appearance. The watch comes supplied on a neoteric calf leather strap paired with a stainless steel folding clasp with double push- security system.

Usually, excellence is a function of expense, however, RAYMOND WEIL has shown that occasionally there are exceptions to the rule.

Raymond Weil watch is available exclusively at for £2,150

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