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Bottoms Up With These Gadgets

Create the drinking experience at home without having to wear a mask, check-in, eat a meal and stop at 10pm. These fun accessories will help make a great bar at home. Ideal for all your friends and family. As long as it's under 6 people and you aren't mixing households. At least there is more alcohol left to banish 2020.

The Elephant Corkscrew £17.49 from Trouva – A fun corkscrew in the shape of a corkscrew, bring some much needed ele-gance.

The Bartending Glasses Set of 4 £20 from Kikkerland - Become a bartender in no time with this set of 4 glasses. Each glass features a different spirit and teaches you how to make four different cocktails.

The Mix Master Cocktail Shaker £22 from Selfridges - The Mix Master cocktail shaker is sleek and cloaked in pour markings and essentials recipes like Sex on the Beach and Mojito to get you started. Own your technique and impress the rest.

Beer Yoga £15 from Kikkerland – Loosen up with yoga and beer, what could possibly go wrong?

The Diamond Decanter Set £34.99 from - Shine bright like a diamond with every sip you take. Makes a stunning table centrepiece. Includes holder and 2 diamond glasses.

The Copper Shovel Bottle Opener £10 from John Lewis - This shovel-shaped opener makes light work of opening bottles. An attractive piece for any home bar, it has a copper-plated finish.

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter £24.99 from Firebox – Take a shot from a stromtrooper. This one always hits the spot.

The Fetch Bottle Opener £15 from Trouva – This beechwood and stainless steel Fetch is a pup that loves to play fetch with bottle caps! Pop open a beer or soda and turn your bottle cap into a frisbee. A magnet in the dog's mouth holds the bottle cap in place.

Big Night Out Drinking Game £20 from Kikkerland - A perfect game fo\r the home. A truth or dare kind of drinking game. Played with 3 to 6 players. Object of the game is to finish in the VIP area.

Day of the Dead Corkscrew £29 from Trouva – A quirky corkscrew for Halloween and ghoulish fans

The Anytime Cocktail Kit £15 from Selfridges - This streamlined set of paraphernalia means that you've essentially got your own bar, via your bag. Including two bottles for mixing (and a recipe book of twelve concoctions) - the party will always be in your pocket.

The 8-Ball Drinking Game £6.80 from ASOS - It will be a real party with this 8-Ball drinking game! Spin the ball for a challenge. There are 20 different challenges and if you don't take up the challenge, take a sip of your drink. Who dares to take on these challenges?

The Luchador Bottle Opener £8.50 from Kikkerland - The Luchador Bottle Opener has got the moves that make bottle-opening easy! Enjoy your cola or beer in style.

The Bar Compass £12.99 from The Present Finder - This bar compass is exactly what you need if you’re a budding mixologist who’s sick of making margaritas that taste like disappointment and dishwasher water. This cocktail compass is easy to use with a slim design and stainless-steel frame. It can be mounted or hung on any bar cart.

The Original Stromtrooper Shot Glass Set of 4 £14.99 from – Be careful not to go to the darkside whilst you try to master the universe.

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