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Break the rules and double dip this valentines day with grown up sweets

Cheap chocolate + lacy lingerie + red roses = bore off. We’re done with these clichés.

There’s nothing like breaking the rules to get us hot under the collar.

That’s why the team at Smith & Sinclair, kinky creators of cocktail confectionery, have applied their signature adult twist to a childhood favourite and invented The Double Dipper.

The infamous Double Dipper is a marriage made in heaven; two Prosecco lollipops,

raspberry sherbet and Peach Bellini Gel (that’s actually 10% alcohol). Just squeeze a drop of the boozy Peach gel onto the Prosecco lollipop, dip into the Raspberry sherbet and voila, you get a Peach Bellini.

Talking about breaking the rules – this sweet treat isn’t just for sharing with ‘bae’. There’s

enough sherbet for everyone, so get fizz-ical with whomever you want and let the double

dippin commence.

Smith & Sinclair’s new Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies Selection boxes can be found on at RRP £16

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