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Brits not happy with pubs and restaurants 'wine by the glass'.

...options when dining out and venues need to do better.

New research reveals that we are not happy with pubs and restaurants 'wine by the glass' offering when dining out and Brits say that hospitality venues need to do better.

How many of us went out to eat at the weekend and were unable to get their wine of choice by the glass?

A new study commissioned by wine preservation experts Bermar, found that not only is wine the UK’s favourite drink, with beer second but 35% said they’d choose a glass of wine, versus just 20% who said they prefer to order by the bottle. If the case for a good wine by the glass offering wasn’t glaringly obvious the majority of Brits said they are not happy with their by the glass options. Over a fifth (22%) said that often the wine they want is not available by the glass, while almost a quarter (24%) feel they have to compromise on choice in order to get a glass. A further 16% said they are often frustrated that they have to purchase a bottle to get their first choice of wine.

Venues need to do better, a braver and more diverse wine by the glass offering in hospitality venues will make for happier consumers. All of this is particularly relevant now with much talk of pending stock shortages. If these shortages do come to pass then consumers will be forced to either switch their choices of wine or trade up. Wine by the glass offers an easier route for consumers to try a new wine without the worry they won't like it, says Tom Berresford, Managing Director at Bermar, who is in hospitality wine preservation and has over 50,000 customers in 90 countries. Some well-known customers include Le Gavroche, Nobu, The Fat Duck, The Ritz, Sketch and Mandarin Oriental as well six of the seven UKs three Michelin star restaurants. Wine by the glass could be the silver bullet this Christmas as venues look to navigate supply issues. Whether it be switching customers to something new and in stock or, in some instances, encouraging them towards more premium selections, by the glass is the gateway to delighted customers and increased sales.


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