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Brookies Bryon Dry Gin - 46% Abv

Taste: 4.3/5 On first taste there is a strong presence of citrus, but it's not too overpowering, this is then following by hints of fresh raspberry, giving an sweeter feel. Being a dry gin it does hold the classic gin taste with a peppery finish.

Bottle Design: 2.5/5 The bottle for me is what lets this gin down a little bit, When buying a gin you haven't had before you are going on 2 things, the description and what it looks like, Luckilyfor this bottle it is mostly covered by a label, but as the bottle itself nothing special.

Label Design: 3.7/5 The label is very well presented, covering most of the bottle its needs to be good otherwise could be an eyesore, but hats off to the designer i think they've done well here, perfect colours and the fonts too. Would be easy to notice on the shelf. Not too obvious but it also won't be hidden.

Value for money: 4/5 I would say this is about right with the pricing, the bottle being £39.95. I would say any more than £40.00. It is a nice tasting gin, easy to drink but there isn't any special about it. I do think they are around right with the price.

Overall: 3.6 / 5

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