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'Calm it down' the podcast from Chad Lawson

Hosted by pianist and composer Chad Lawson, ‘Calm It Down’ is a brand new podcast which enables listeners to take 15 minutes out of the stresses of modern life by guiding them through meditation and breathing techniques whilst exploring subjects like ‘handling emotions’ and ‘ways to process thoughts’.

The idea for ‘Calm it Down’ came to Chad when he was overwhelmed by the amount of people getting in touch to tell him just how much his music has helped them through some of the most difficult moments and periods of their lives. Having always been extremely passionate about the positive effects of music on well-being and emotional health, Chad felt it was the next logical step to release a podcast to share his experiences and the meditation techniques he uses himself, all sountracked by Chad’s sublime and relaxing music.

Chad said “How do we swim this ocean of life when we feel like we’re constantly drowning? On my best days I’m barely dog-paddling just to stay above the water. Together we’ll learn to navigate the negative currents as we search to anchor ourselves in calmer waters. Join me each week as we learn to pause, breathe and quiet our mind in this vast ocean of ups and downs in what we call life, as we Calm it Down.”

Episodes 1&2 are available on all major streaming platforms. New episodes will be released every Tuesday.  You can listen to the podcast here: Listen to ‘Calm It Down’ here


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