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Castaway Club Clothing

A brand with a modest beginning, strong perseverance and a belief of success. The USA based brand Castaway Club Clothing is one to be watching as time passes by. From modest beginnings to increased sales, the brand have so far been on pretty much a huge learning curve, by it hasn't faulted Co-founder Tim Lally's belief of the success this brand can bring.

Speaking to Tim about his brand and how it begun he told us, 'It was the summer of 2019 and I had this to make some designs and after making some for a couple of weeks, I had finally made some that I thought were really cool', He continued, 'I told one of my really good friends about it, and we figured that between the two of us, we would be able to sell a couple of shirts and, hopefully, make a couple of dollars while doing it,' and there began the entrepreneur's journey and the journey of Castaway Club Clothing.

The brand have been very open in the how they started, admitting they 'listened to the wrong people' and that they had 'made some wrong moves', which ultimately means they have their right to boast about their success today.

After having the brand for a couple of years, it when under some management changes, with Tim's Co-founder stepping away from the business to pursue other activities, leaving Tim to make a decision... close the brand down or take it further than it had ever gone before, rightfully so Tim chose the latter. This is again something the brand are very open with which gives the customer an added connection to the brand knowing where they began, who started it and the misjudgement they have made and how they over came them too. We are in a world where people are very selective to the brand they wear and with so many brands on offer, they have the right to be, so people are looking for a connection - this type of connection.

The brand heavily focuses on streetwear clothing, with the added golfing line the brand are certainly establishing their identity on the market. With their streetwear line stocked simplistic yet effective designs in different colours and their golfing line keeping to the sport's 'green' colours, their pieces are certainly ones of style and comfort.

Stocking garments including; T-Shirts (long and short sleeved) & Sweatshirts. A Golfing range which includes; 3 different golf jacket styles and even their own golf ball! Offering a wide range of garments whilst ensuring the garments don't lose their identity is what is key here and that is just what Castaway Club Clothing have done.

You can shop the full range from Castaway Club clothing over at


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