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Cellulite Specialists: Goldincision Conducts Training For 30 New Brand Licensed Doctors

On the 29th and 30th of April, around 30 doctors gathered in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, for the Goldincision training, with the aim of becoming licensed under the brand. There were more than 20 hours of knowledge delivery, protocols, and exchange of experiences about the revolutionary technique of treatment for cellulite, developed by surgeon Roberto Chacur.

With trainings presented and moderated by Dr. Chacur, the licensed physicians discussed topics on how the technique came about, general aspects, protocol of performance and how multidisciplinary treatment and the use of bioimpedance work. Other names in medicine like Dr. Gina Matzenbacher, spoke about the “genesis of cellulite”; Dr. Fernanda Federico brought the topic “Lymphedema x Lipedema x Venous Edema, differential diagnosis and associated treatments”; Dr. Cibele Tamietti, discussed the topic “Classifying your cellulite”; Dr. Manoela Fassina spoke about “Treating Hyperchromia post-procedure – Hemosiderosis ”, and Dr. Danuza Dias spoke about “ Correction volumetric glutes associated with Goldincision ”.

Chacur, in addition to the initial training, also talked about the differential diagnosis between Hydrogel x Liquid Silicone x PMMA” and “Treating Seroma Hematoma complications”.

The participating professionals underwent on theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in model patients. In the end, they received certificates and an exclusive sculpture created and developed by Dr. Roberto Chacur, to those officially promoted as “ GoldIncision Licensed”.